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>> hav good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it's friday, september 10th. and this morning, breaking news. a massive explosion rips through a neighborhood just outside san francisco at dinner time. destroying more than 50 homes. the fire, still burning, as rescuers search for any survivors. deal or no deal? that florida pastor who pulled back from plans to burn the koran now says he may do it after all. will he burn the books? will the islamic center at ground zero be moved? the pastor joins us with his take. coming home.
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iran agrees to release one of the american hikers, now facing a serious cancer scare. what it means for the other two hikers still hoping to come home. and music superstars take broadway. the stars of u2 sput their spin on "spider-man." one of the most-anticipated musicals ever. we'll talk to bono and the edge and get a look at the show everyone is talking about. and good morning, everyone. george, i just can't imagine, just as families were sitting down to dinner, that explosion hit in that suburb, about 6:30. and police say a gas line erupted into a massive fireball that shot 1,000 feet into the air. leaving a giant crater smackdab in the middle of the neighborhood. >> eyewitnesss a quarter-mile away say they felt it.
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and residents in the neighborhood, said there had been concerned about the gas for some time. but there's a lot of confusion and frustration this morning about what is going on with that florida pastor who had threatened to burn the koran tomorrow on the anniversary of 9/11. had a dramatic press conference yesterday afternoon, saying he was canceling the burning on the condition that the mosque and islamic center planned at ground zero is moved. but the islamic center planners say they're not going to budge. and the imam who brokered the deal said there was no deal. >> it's so confusing. hopefully, we'll get more answers this morning. we want to begin with breaking news. the gas line explosion outside of san francisco. the fireball so big, it consumed several homes in an instant. neal karlinsky is live in san bruno, california, with the latest. neal? >> reporter: robin, good morning. this whole neighborhood was a wall of flames behind me a few hours ago. it's still hot in there.
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so hot, rescue teams can't get in to look for victims. right now, we know of more than 20 injured. at least one fatality. but they fear there could be more. witnesses say it looked like a geyser of flames. and it exploded into this neighborhood without warning. incinerating homes by the dozen, just as residents were sitting down to dinner. >> i thought it was an earthquake. i looked out the window. and i saw what, to me, it was a fireball. >> the roar. it just shook your body. you could feel the intensity and the fire. and never felt anything like it. >> reporter: high winds fueled the blaze, which took over block-by-block, in an instant. reducing homes a to ashes, with only chimneys to mark the spot. cars were melted in their driveways. the fire was so intense, even the pavement was melted. >> the fireball was, you know, 100 feet or more in the air. i'm a firefighter. right away, i knew it was a major, major thing. and it just would not stop.
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>> reporter: air tankers normally reserved for fast-moving wildfires, had to help out the overwhelmed firefighters on the ground. the firefighters were forced to pump in water from two miles away. the hissing sound of gas and the fierce low torch of fire left little doubt that a gas line had exploded. later, we found this huge pipe shredded and blown feet from where it had been underground. just this morning, san bruno's mayor told us, he's never seen anything like this. >> nothing like this. we had the major earthquake in '89. but it was nothing like this. >> with at least 50 homes destroyed and 120 damaged, those who live here know it could have been so much worse. >> my heart was beating so fast because, like, the fire was so close to, like, other houses. >> fire, coming from down. it's behind our back yard. and the sky all light. i thought this was judgment day. >> reporter: there are reports that residents smelled gas and
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called their utility company, pg&e two days ago. but they say nothing was done. the ntsb will be on-scene to investigate and try to determine exactly why this gas line blew. george? >> thanks very much. we turn to faye mullen, and brian carmody who arrived on the scene moments later. let me begin with you. you were less than a quarter-mile away from the explosion. but you actually felt it? >> yes. i was in my car, right over here at the intersection of san bruno avenue and skyline boulevard, right behind us here. less than a quarter-mile away from it. it was a huge, at least 900 to 1,000-foot wall of flames. i've never seen anything like it in my whole life. my sister and her whole family live down in the valley, off of concord way. and i was petrified for them. and it felt likes it was the end
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of the world. it really did. >> i can't imagine what that must have been like. you started to go towards the houses and see more over the course of several minutes? >> yeah. you know, as soon as the explosion happened, there was quite a bit of backup of traffic and congestion on skyline boulevard. people were pulling over in awe and didn't know what to think. i reacted right away. and went straight to my sister's house to try to get them evacuated as fast as possible. they were less than a quarter a mile away from the actual explosion. and literally, by the time i got down there, the house across the street was on fire. and the windows on the house were melting. >> and you said your sister had been smelling gas for weeks? >> no. this past weekend, we had some good weather. they were barbecuing. my sister approached my brother-in-law and said, honey, i smell gas. did you turn the barbecue off?
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he said, yeah, i did. and she said it smells like gas. and other people in the neighborhood have been smelling this for about three weeks. >> wow. brian, you followed the explosion with your camera. tell us what you saw. >> i showed up at the scene about 15 minutes after the explosion happened. i shoot news for several local tv stations. the sound that was coming out of the ground, the flames and the gas flowing was just incredible. it was a very, very loud roar. the heat that was coming off of this fireball was so that the firefighters, basically, couldn't do anything to even start to fight the fire or the houses that were burning at the time around me. >> wow. and you said that because the water main broke, the firefighters were having a tremendous amount of difficulty getting this under control. >> i had a couple of firefighters come up to me and tell me how frustrated they were because the heat was so bad.
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they couldn't get anywhere near it. but they didn't have any water, either. there was a water main, apparently, that was knocked out when this thing exploded. and they had zero water for their trucks. glad you're okay this morning. lief and brian, thanks for your time. >> we'll keep everybody updated throughout the morning, george. now, we're going to turn to the outrage and the confusion over that florida pastor's threat to burn korans on the grounds of his church. then, his announcement that he was backing down. but has he changed his mind again? matt gutman is in gainesville, florida, for us this morning. it's hard to keep track of this, matt. >> reporter: it is, robin. last night, pastor jones told me he never expected anything like this international outrage. and again this morning, in afghanistan, more protests. pastor jones seems to be in over his head in this, grasping at almost anything to get out of it. he thinks he may have found the
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solution. but, of course, the imam in new york says that isn't so. pastor terry jones is a man scrambling to find a way out. >> we're still trying to believe that it will somehow work. that there's some kind of reason there. that somehow it will work. >> reporter: jones thought he hedged a deal, to back down on burning the korans, in exchange for the relocation of the proposed islamic center near ground zero. the man who brokered all of this, a muslim cleric, had a different take. he said he was guaranteed that the cultural center would be moved. >> that wasn't true. what i guaranteed him is to have a meeting and to fly with him to new york city, to have that meeting. >> reporter: the imam behind the ground zero islamic center implied, even that might not happen. in a statement, imam rauf wrote, i have not spoken with pastor jones or imam musri. and we're not going to toy with our religion or any other. nor are we going to barter. >> i was lied to.
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>> reporter: pastor jones' day began with a visit from the fbi to brief him on the death threats against him and his family. that's one reason he carries this, a .40 caliber pistol. there's political pressure. secretary robert gates called him. and now, general david petraeus, in an exclusive interview told our martha raddatz -- >> there's been some damage. you've seen it. you've heard of the demonstrations here in afghanistan. they're already images implanted in minds. albeit photos, nothing as inflammatory as the burning of the koran. >> reporter: even donald trump tried to break the deadlock. offering to buy an investors steak in the proposed cultural center, at a 25 markup. the folks inside are armed. men and women are carrying side arms. and the question is, what
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happens for the rest of today? robin? >> all right, matt. very tense situation down there. thank you. and joining us now, from gainesville, the man at the center of this controversy, pastor terry jones. pastor jones, we appreciate you joining us this morning. we want to find out, at this very moment, where do you stand on your decision on whether or not to burn the koran? >> right now, we have plans not to do it. we believe that the imam is going to keep his word, what he promised us yesterday. he approached us yesterday, with that proposal. we believe that proposal is still good. and we believe that we are, as he said and promised, going to meet with the imam in new york tomorrow. >> what exactly has he told you, sir? >> he came to us with a proposal. we talked to him one time. and then, he came back. he gave us the proposal that they would move the mosque from
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the ground zero location. what he told me was, after he left our meeting the first time, he heard me on the radio mention this proposal. the muslims do not want us to burn the koran. americans do not want the mosque near the ground zero place. and we made the proposal on the radio, which he heard, that if they were willing to move the mosque from the ground zero location, we would be willing to cancel our event. he came back to me with that proposal. >> he is saying that -- that you're stretching the truth. that you may have misinterpreted or misunderstood what he said. that he never claimed that there was any deal on the table about moving the proposed islamic center and mosque. but that he did say the possibility of you meeting with the imam here in new york.
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is there any possibility that you could have misunderstood him in any way? >> there is absolutely no possibility. i made it very, very clear. i had witnesses in my office. we repeated it several times. it was very, very clear. i asked him. i said, let me get this perfectly clear. what you are saying is if we cancel our event on saturday, the mosque will be moved from the ground zero location? and he said, yes. there is absolutely no possibility that i misunderstood him. if he is saying that, then he is lying. >> well, george will be asking, talking to him, in just a minute. sir, this is the first time that we heard that the location of the proposed center here in new york had any bearing on whether or not you were going to burn the koran. when did that come into the picture? >> that came into the picture sort of gradually as this whole thing unfolded.
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exactly what happened was probably about two or three weeks ago. we were thinking about it. we were praying about it. we have, of course, been asked many times, what would it take for us not to do it. as we were thinking about it, we came up with this idea. the american people do not want the mosque there. the muslims do not want us to burn the koran. so, let's make and let's do something that will make everybody happy. at that time, i sent a press release out that's been probably three weeks ago. we contacted the imam in new york city. we faxed them this suggestion. they told us at that time he was out of town. and we got not much response back. >> the secretary of defense, secretary gates, called you yesterday. did that have any bearing on your decision? and what exactly did you say to each other? >> he was very gracious. it was a very short conversation. in essence, he asked us to cancel the event on saturday.
7:15 am
>> there have been many people who have weighed in, from the president to sarah palin, to the top general in afghanistan. general david petraeus, who has said, your actions could put servicemen and women in jeopardy. what do you say to those families that have loved ones serving overseas? >> yes. we took those things very, very seriously. that was one of the reasons that we said many times, we're going to think about it. we are going to repray about it. we're going to reconsider it. yes, we took that very, very seriously. we definitely would not want in a to happen. >> and finally, before george talks with the imam there in florida, as it stands right now, you are saying you are not going to burn the koran on saturday? >> that is correct. >> pastor jones, thank you very much for your time this morning. >> thank you. so, let's turn now to the imam pastor jones was talking about.
7:16 am
muhammad musri. he's the leader of the islamic society in florida. you heard pastor jones right there. he said you promised him, if you cancel the burning, the mosque will be moved. and if you deny saying that, you're lying. what's your response? >> first of all, thank you. and second, i do not have any control over the mosque in new york. nor do i have control over pastor jones over here. as a gesture of goodwill, i stepped in to explain to pastor jones the gravity of the situation. and while i was meeting with him, he got that call from secretary of state -- of defense gates. >> you were there in the room while he got the call? >> yes. and he technically was changed and was about to make that decision, regardless of that offer or not.
7:17 am
that offer wasn't on the table. >> you think secretary gates convinced him? >> i think secretary of defense made it clear to him that this is putting our troops in great danger. and he ought to cancel it. i tried to close the deal and told him that today, hundreds of millions of muslims will be celebrating eid, listening to sermons. and if he did not cancel on thursday afternoon, then it's very possible that we would see riots and demonstrations in the streets in afghanistan, pakistan, elsewhere. and our troops will be in harm's way. >> but mr. imam, he's being quite specific. he's saying you spoke to him. he's saying you said specifically, if this is canceled, if the burning is canceled, the mosque would be moved. how could he be under such a misimpression? >> he stretched and exaggerated my statements. i told him, i will help him.
7:18 am
i heard him speaking on the radio, saying that he wishes to in exchange for cancelling, he would like something similar to cancelling or moving that mosque in new york. >> so, what did you say right then? >> so, right there, i told him, i'm willing to make contact, as an imam, to the imam in new york. muslim-to-muslim. and ask on his behalf, to schedule a meeting. and i told him, i will invite you with me. we'll go up there. we'll talk. i will make the case because i, myself, feel that that would be the best solution up there. >> so, you promised to set up a meeting. you yourself believe that the islamic center should be moved. but you never told him that the mosque will, indeed, the center will be moved? i told him, i did not even speak with the imam in new york. so, how can i guarantee you?
7:19 am
he said, as long as we go up there, we meet, and an effort is made. even if it takes ten years, he is okay with it. >> so, is the meeting still going to happen? >> yes. the meeting will happen. but pastor jones stretched it. and when we came in front of the cameras outside of his church, he said that i gave him the guarantee to move the mosque, which is not true. which i'm not in control over. >> do you believe you can now persuade imam rauf and the other developers of the center to move? you believe it's the right thing to do. >> i think it's the right thing to do. i'm not in my position of authority to make them move it. but i will try my level best to persuade them to do so. >> okay. thank you very much for your time this morning for helping us sort through this. time, now, for the weather
7:20 am
with sam. hey, sam. >> good morning, george, robin. this day is the peak of the hurricane season. let's check in an see how we're doing. on the noaa forecast, so far we're a little light to the forecast. we have 2 1/2 months left. we have one system on the board. that's igor. igor is on a southern path to move toward the southern part of the u.s. we'll see if it makes its curve into the atlantic and becomes a problem. on the west coast, in the area of san francisco and san bruno. normally in the bay area, we have 25-mile-per-hour winds on a day like this. watch the remnants of what was hermine move into the middle of the country. there's some powerful thunderstorms. 10 inches of rain in a lot of the locations, wherever the moisture goes.
7:21 am
>> what a beautiful sunrise. gorgeous sunrise over the district. it is 61 at reagan national. 51 in rockville. 56 in quantico. 52 and winchester. far north and west of the panhandle of west virginia and western maryland there are a few upper 40's. high temperatures near 80 degrees with a lot of s all of america's -- wow. all of america's weather coming up on this friday in just a
7:22 am
minute. george and robin? >> you are happy the weekend is upon us. >> i am. >> thank you sam. after a year in iranian prison, one of the american hikers set to be released tomorrow. what does that mean for the other two hikers still being held? and later, are your pants lying to you? why your pants size may be larger than you think. say it isn't so. ♪
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♪ [ male aouncer ] giving ucigarettes catake more than wlpower alone. but today'a new day. for many, smokg is a treatable dical condition. talk to your doctor about prescripti treatment optionand support. >> live and in high definition, this is an abc 7 news update. >> 7:26 on friday, september 10.
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i am scott thuman. we're checking your morning commute. >> on the beltway, inner loop at 66, route 7, a crash moved out of the roadway, is still something to watch for out of springfield to get to tysons. let's look at the pace of traffic south on 270, is stalled car before the lane divided. if let's look at another camera, after montrose road. we cannot see the stalled vehicle, but it is there. we are going to the final camera in virginia, beautiful at washington boulevard. adam caskey has been better, next. -- has been whether, beautiful. >> another bright and sunny day
7:28 am
with a few scattered clouds in parts of the region. this is a shot in laurel of the sunrise. a beautiful sunrise locally as well. 58 degrees in laurel with a dew point of 50. dry air, feels fantastic. 56 in la plata. in the 50's pretty much everywhere it. a lot of sunshine with a few clouds this afternoon. high temperatures near 80 degrees. verisimilar tomorrow. by saturday night through the first half of sunday, some rain. a heads up for drivers using the 14th street bridge. there will be construction this weekend again. northbound left shoulder will be moved or rather close from 10:00 tonight until 5:00 a.m. on monday. the left center lane will remain closed. by monday all lanes will be open
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and a new traffic pattern will be in place. and a new traffic pattern will be in place. another news update at 7:56. i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my chi education. it's cool how the union makes it almo impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dcchers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at
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thanks, teachers unions. you are looking at pictures of that massive gas explosion in san bruno, california. the fire still burning this morning. eyewitnesss said it swallowed several homes in an instant. 50 more burned. officials fear many, many casualties. we'll have a live report ahead. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm robin roberts. also on this friday morning, an unexpected homecoming. after spending more than a year in prison, iranian officials say they're going to release one of
7:31 am
the american hikers. what it means to friends who are still waiting to return home. >> for her friends and for her. one of the reasons she's being released is she found a lump in her breast. we all hope she's going to be okay. >> we do. a new kind of downsizing. are stores lying about pants sizes to make men feel better about themselves and go out and buy more pants? i hope i'm not -- >> they've been doing it to women all these years. turnabout is fair play. we'll see if that is the case. first, in a stunning turn of events, iran has announced it will release one of the three american hikers who have been held in a prison there for 14 months. jim sciutto joins us from washington with the latest details. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is such a relief for sarah's family. they're waiting to see that she's out of the country, to know it's the end of a long and painful wait. mother and daughter saw each other in an emotional reunion in
7:32 am
may. now, sarah shourd may have her freedom. but it may come at a high price. shourd, held for 14 months, along with shane bauer and josh fattal, freed due to a medical condition, which the family says involves finding a lump on her breast. sarah and shane got engaged in prison earlier this year. the mothers have moved in together for support at this time. >> we find strength if n each other. there's no immediate sign that bauer and fattal would will released, as well. but their lawyer sees hope. does this undermine their argument that these three americans were a threat to the country's security? sarah's release, based on her sickness, he said, why were they retained in the first place? they've become entangled in the wider standoff between the u.s. and iran. now, some believe sarah will be released with a warning.
7:33 am
>> there's going to be a conversation with her about what she is and is not allowed to say to the media. and based on that conversation, between the lines is going to be the fact that, if you say something, don't forget, we still have your two friends here. >> reporter: for sarah's mother, relief is in sight. a moment she was dreaming of, when she spoke to "good morning america" in may. >> i think i'm just going to say ridiculously silly things. like how are you sweetie? i love you. ordinary stuff. >> reporter: that's a message she'll be able to deliver very soon. we're told that sarah will be released tomorrow. of course, there's two other mothers. shane bauer's and josh fattal's, who are waiting for the same news. >> jim sciutto, thanks very much. now, to juju and the rest of the morning news. >> good morning, everyone. we want to update you now on that monstrous explosion and fire burning out of control all night near san francisco. flames roared through a residential area in san bruno, fueled by a ruptured natural gas
7:34 am
line. more than 50 homes were destroyed. more than 100 badly damaged. one person has died. and hospitals report treating about 20 people, many in critical condition. we'll check in with neal karlinsky at the top of the hour. in philadelphia, two people have been killed at a workplace shooting at a kraft foods plant. police say a woman drove through a security barrier, minutes after being escorted out and opened fire. it's unclear if she targeted the victims or shot them at random. and a federal judge in california has ruled the military's don't ask, don't tell policy is unconstitutional. siding with the log cabin republicans who brought the case, the judge says the policy violates the civil rights of homosexuals and puts military readiness at risk. the government must decide whether to appeal the ruling. more heavy winds are expected in boulder, colorado, where there's concerns that the massive wildfire burning since monday could approach the city.
7:35 am
it's only 30% contained. now, robin's beloved new orleans saints relied on defense, as they began defending their super bowl title. they kicked off the season, holding brett favre and the vikings to 171 yards passing. the final, 14-9. that put a smile on robin's face. repeat after me, george. defense. >> i can hear her cheering. let's go to sam and the weather. >> good morning. we're going to start with pictures out of ft. smith, arkansas. everywhere the remnants of hermine goes, it seems to be a lot of rain. we're talking about the remnants of a tropical system causing this flooding in arkansas. and today, that moisture pulls up a little bit. and curves around. so, we're looking at in the paducah, kentucky, carol, illinois. in that southern area, western kentucky and the boot hill of southern illinois.
7:36 am
that's where the rain will be falling. i think it's one to two inches, though, than the big totals we've been seeing. juju told you about the winds of the fire will drive into that area. that's what you don't want in that area. it will continue to fan the flames in boulder. colorado springs, about 79 degrees. >> mostly sunny. 62 at reagan national. 54 arlington. 48 in brooksville. a lot of and all of that weather was brought to you by mercedes-benz. george? >> thank you, sam. when we come back, newt gingrich weighs in on everything from the midterm elections to the koran controversy. we talk to him live.
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and we want to turn back now to the controversy over the manhattan mosque and the koran burning in florida. my guest has plenty to say on both. joining me now, is fox news contributor and former speaker, newt gingrich. thanks for coming out this morning, mr. speaker. you might have seen some of this debate between paster jones and the imam this morning and what they agreed to or didn't agree to about the proposed burning of the koran. it appears to at least be put off for a day or two. do you think you and others can convince pastor jones not to go through with this at all? >> i hope we can. it's wrong to burn the koran. and it's wrong to build the mosque at ground zero. and both should be stopped. i'm glad the pastor took some steps back from burning it this weekend. i think he ought to drop the idea entirely. at the same time, i think it's a
7:41 am
bad idea for imam rauf to build a mosque. clearly, the majority of americans oppose to being built. there ought to be a ground here for moderation on both sides. >> i was wondering as this was unfolding yesterday, you saw -- i spoke to president obama about it. he spoke out pretty strongly. and the white house decided it was important for an administration official to speak directly to pastor jones. they had secretary of gates call him. it appeared to have made the difference. do you think it was a wise move? or was it giving pastor jones more high-level attention than he deserved? >> america is a very open country. and sometimes different people at different stations of life can become important. what he 'cause doing, general petraeus thought was risking lives of troop soldiers in afghanistan and iraq. and secretary gates called and said this could result in americans getting killed.
7:42 am
i am glad the pastor took a step back. i wish imam rauf would take an equally big step back and build a mosque somewhere else in new york. i'm not opposed to building a mosque. i'm opposed to building that mosque at that site. >> do you think there's a hope for that? >> i think there's a lot of hope for it. when 70% of the country opposes something, they have the ability to make their emotions felt. i think it's a bad idea. >> it will be interesting to watch the president in his press conference later this morning. he's tried not to come down an whether the mosque should be built at the site. he just says they have the right to do it. the question is, will he take the extra step, given this added complication of the koran burning -- the potential of the koran burning. >> i think the american people want to see an even-handedness here. i think the american people are prepared to say, don't burn the koran, just as they wouldn't
7:43 am
want to burn the bible or other religious document. but i think they will say, be as blunt with imam rauf as you are with the pastor in florida and say don't do it. >> when i was with the president in cleveland, it was a very interesting speech he gave and an interesting take on the midterm elections. he took on republican leader john boehner, by naming him about eight times in the speech. and doubled it back in the interview. i wonder what you make of that tactic. >> i think from your own background, you would say to the president, if you take on the republican minority figure, you made him a bigger figure. john boehner had very good ideas. talked about dramatic cuts in spending and taxes. and a fascinating new idea, a bill they call the rain act, that would require all major regulations to go back to the congress and be approved. i think the more that president obama raises john boehner to be his peer, the greater he's going to help john boehner make an impact on the country.
7:44 am
>> the president seems to think that's his only choice. he conceded to me if this was an election that's a referendum on the economy, the democrats will not do well. and there's all kinds of signs. our latest poll, charlie cook saying, it's almost certain that the republicans will take the house. and there's, indeed, a chance that john boehner will be speaker, just as you came in after the 1994 elections. i wonder what lessons you learned from that experience. and what advice you can give to congressman boehner on that? >> no republican should let up for 1 minute over the next 53 days. as you well know, these things aren't over until they're over. you have to keep campaigning. if john boehner does become speaker, and i think he would be a very good speaker, i think the first thing you ought to do is reach out to the president. as you'll remember, i spent about 35 days negotiating with president bill clinton face-to-face. very long days. we got wealthy reform, a
7:45 am
balanced budget, tax cuts. >> and the shutdown of the government. >> and the government got shutdown. i'm not quite as sure as others are. we're the first re-electioned majority since 1928. but i am certain that the willingness to find some common ground, not by compromising your principles but by finding some things you can do together, can make a big difference to the country. >> we have a few seconds. how is the presidential race coming? >> i have no idea at the present time. >> okay. mr. speaker, thanks for your time this morning. good to see you. and when we come back, america's ever-expanding waistline. why your pants size may be larger than you think.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
lots of people monitor their weight, not by the scale, by those skinny jeans. do they still fit? are we still buying the same size we wore last year? turns out, that might not be the
7:50 am
best way to track your size. your pants could be lying to you. huh? sarin alfonsi explains. ♪ >> reporter: i dragged producer bartley price to four of america's most-popular stores. how do they feel? >> a little tight. love them. >> reporter: bartley believes he has a 36-inch waist. but quickly, we realize that some jeans seem to suggest that he's even more slender than that. >> 34, very tight. 35, little snug. 36, little loose. >> reporter: feeling good about all that extra room, we took four pairs of size 36 jeans to one of new york's best tailors. to find out if that 36-inch waist is really 36 inches. the results? the levis were 36 1/2 inches in the waist.
7:51 am
gap, a full two inches larger. and banana republic's a very forgiving 38 1/2 inches. >> it makes you think you worked so hard to lose weight and to be fit. and they're telling you the wrong size. >> reporter: think that's bad? "esquire" magazine, the first to investigate so-called vanity waistlines, found 36-inch dockers were actually 39 1/2 inches around. and old navy pants were a full five inches larger than the label. if, you know, a company makes a jean and let's say, you know, they advertise its as a 36, but it's actually a 38. >> yeah. >> reporter: are men more likely to buy that jean? >> yes. men are -- >> reporter: you've done it? >> i've done it. i admit. >> reporter: the companies say it's something else. banana republic tells us, the pants are not specked to sit at the natural waist. it's specked to sit on the high waist. so, it depends if you wear your pants like this or like this. gap says you can't compare sizing. each retailer is designing for a
7:52 am
different target customer. still, many men say, they feel duped. >> i'm hurt. i'm hurt. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm sharyn alfonsi, in new york. >> he really seems devastated. remember that "seinfeld" episode where jerry changed the tag on his jeans? tell us, do your pants lie? go to and weigh in on our shoutout board. coming up, going shopping this weekend? we'll tell you where to find the steals and deals. come on back. don't get the fiber they need, that's why froot loops® and apple jacks® have 3 grams of fiber in every yummy bowl. they're the cereals your kids love and the fiber their tummies love... which makes for a whole lotta happy. froot loops® and apple jacks, an oh-so-good source of fiber. kellogg's® makes fiber fun. an oh-announcer:urce of fiber. if you could see how the ingredients
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it's just the right thing to do.
7:56 am
live and in high definition, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning on this friday, september 10. on scott thuman with an update. how does it look outside? >> not bad. pretty good shape with travel times in our favor. 95 between fredericksburg and
7:57 am
springfield. 95 between washington and baltimore, running smoothly. adel lil to your travel time out of centreville to the beltway because of a stalled car. 270 southbound leaving father hurley boulevard down to the beltway, i will show you a picture of the pace of traffic at shady grove road. stop and go at 495. in an accident, but that will be of your way. now to adam caskey. it's a beautiful day. a few scattered clouds in the distance. in arlington it is 60. on the way to the upper 70's this afternoon for the high temperature. mostly sunny skies with a few scattered patchy clouds later on today. if tomorrow will look and feel similar to today. saturday night through the first half of sunday there are
7:58 am
scattered showers expected, up to 1/4 inch or half inch. we could use the rain. give yourself extra time on a tour this weekend. track where it will be done on the red line between j a grove and to and booked -- between sadie growth and twinbrook and other locations. we will have co man: let me see the map. just drive, we'll get there! adventure runs on dunkin', with our egg white breakfast sandwiches. hurry in and try one in delicious veggie or turkey sausage.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning, america. what you just saw there is the new musical that has everyone buzzing. the song writers, get this. u2's bono and the edge, wrote the score. it's for the new broadway show,
8:01 am
"spider-man." we'll speak with them ahead. plus, get a first look at one of the musical numbers. this promises to be the hottest show on broadway. >> we'll have it this morning at the hudson theater, around the corner. a nice, intimate theater. also this morning, she is back. barbara walters, our dear friend. we're so happy to welcome her this morning. she will be here with a fascinating look into a rare and strange disease that may hold the secrets to ages. >> glad to have barbara back this morning. plus, what are the hottest deals this weekend? from shoes, to smartphones to big-screen tvs? becky worley knows. you'll know, too. first, to juju chang with the rest of the morning's news. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with an update on the massive explosion and fire south of san francisco, in the town of san bruno. an entire neighborhood has been devastated. a fireball shot 1,000 feet into the air at 1 point. dozens of homes are destroyed. and our neal karlinsky is at the scene.
8:02 am
good morning, neal. >> reporter: juju, good morning. the fire is actually still not out. it's burning several blocks behind us here. and investigators are getting ready to push the media back. they believe more than 20 people were injured. smoke inhalation. also burns from this fireball that erupted around 6:00 last night, just as people were sitting down to dinner. enormous flames coming from an exploded gas line beneath the ground. we saw shredded pieces of that pipe thrown several feet from the underground spot where it was. more50 homes have been destroyed. and others are damaged. investigators are trying to determine why the gas line exploded. juju? >> neal karlinsky from california. and florida pastor terry jones, has agreed to call off his plans to burn the koran this weekend. because an imam promised that the ground zero mosque would be moved.
8:03 am
in an interview with george, imam musri insists that jones is mistaken or stretching the truth. he said he only agreed to set up a meeting between pastor jones and the imam behind the ground zero mosque. the demonstrations sparked by the koran-burning cross have turned deadly. one protester was shot and killed in a clash near a nato base. the u.s. government is investigating a computer virus that overwhelmed e-mail at government agencies and businesses around the world thursday. our pierre thomas joins us from washington now. pierre, what do we know about this virus? >> reporter: hi, juju. the cyber cell suspected to average nated in russia or asia. but it raced across the globe like lightning. it hit governments and agencies, including nasa and abc news. it posed as a message from one of your colleagues. then, the message named here you
8:04 am
have, offers a link. if you click on the link, it sends out hundreds of e-mails under your name in seconds. imagine thousands of computers doing this at the same time. i was one of those people that got hit. what a pain. >> that sums it up. pierre thomas, from washington. thanks for that update. well, call it a sign of the times. more american children are being raised by their grandparents. census figures show nearly 3 million american kids are being raised by grandma or grandpa. that's a 16% increase from last decade. everything from the recession to extended military deployments are cited as reasons why. and now, take a look at what happened when a guy tried to rob a bank in wisconsin. one of the customers behind him wasn't going to stand there and watch. he jumped up and tackles the armed robber from behind, trying to drag him to the ground. the robber tried to run off with the man on his back still. and eventually got away, but thankfully with no cash and no injuries involved. time, now, for the weather
8:05 am
and sam champion. sam, you're at the hudson theater with deeply cool people. >> i am. juju, let me introduce you to our very lucky theater audience. gang, say good morning to juju. [ cheers and applause ] "spider-man: turn off the dark," is probably the show on broadway creating more buzz. i can't think of any other show, other than "lion king" that's created such a sensation before it hit the stage. we'll have a preview for you coming up. let's get to the boards. one or two things we wants to show you, for your friday. tgif. there is a slight warmup coming up. new york, 77 by sunday. d.c., 80 by sunday. you're still going to get to the 80s. there's a sign by midweek next week, cooler air moves in. here's your weekend forecast. you see the rain up and down the it's a great friday.
8:06 am
kuhl to balad side. 59 in laurel. total sunshine. a few clouds scattered across the region. 61 in martinsburg. 59 in hagerstown. in huntingtown, md., 58. sunshine today, pleasant, not as easy as yesterday. upper 70's, northwesterly wind at 5-15 it is friday. we've got lots of fun on "gma." george, we're right across the street. the whole crowd's waiting for you. >> i can see that. and we're here with something special. barbara walters is back and as busy as ever. she returned to "the view" this week after her heart valve surgery in may. and tonight, she returns with a barbara walters special. "7 turning on 70." >> thank you. >> you look fantastic.
8:07 am
>> i feel fantastic. people say to -- don't say to me, how are you? they say, how are you? and i'm going to show you my scar. okay? >> ready. >> let me tell you, you can barely see it. >> i really can't. that's a masterpiece. >> well, i had a very good surgeon. and i'm in great shape. very excited about this special. it's called "7 going on 70." it was supposed to air just when i went in the hospital. so, we're very excited about having it on. it's about children who are born normal. and by the time they're something like 6 months old, they start to get very old. they get older and older. nay develop heart disease. they develop arthritis. they develop the illness of old people. and most of the time, they die by the time they are 13. >> they age ten-times faster than normal. and it's a rare disease. 60 in the world. >> in the whole world.
8:08 am
and 16 in this country. it's also a love story. these kids are so adorable. they've lost their hair. boys and girls this affects. with parents that are just so -- so lovable. and we want to tell you about -- and you're so in love with these children. the little girl we're going to be talking about is named lindsay. her parents are kristy and joe ratcliffe. daddy served in vietnam. lindsay started first grade. their mind is normal. >> the mind of a child. >> of a normal 6-year-old. but their body is that already of somebody who is -- might be 70. let's take a look and meet lindsay. lindsay has just started first grade. but she's living inside a body that is biologically older than her grandmother's. although her body is aging, her
8:09 am
mind is not. >> my mom and i play with the ponies. we read books. we play games. legos, ponies, my drum set, trains, cooking. >> reporter: but all these activities take a toll on lindsay's body. >> every time i run, like at recess at school, my muscles hurt. >> do they? >> yes. the leg ones. not my arm ones. my leg ones. >> really? >> yes. >> reporter: so, every week, she goes to the chiropractor for a checkup. >> got it? okay. here we go. how is your neck feeling today? >> really bad. >> really bad? >> yeah. >> she's 6 years old. she runs and jumps. she has the spine of a 60-year-old or a 70-year-old. there is arthritis forming in the spine.
8:10 am
>> ouch. >> reporter: does she ever ask you questions you can't answer? >> if she catches us off-guard, she's asked why does my skin look like this? or something like that. and it takes me a minute. and i tell her, give me a minute so i can think about how i want to answer this with you. >> reporter: so, she knows, doesn't she? she knows there's something. >> yeah. she does know there's something. >> i think that she knows. if she asks the questions and stuff like that, she doesn't want to see us hurt or anything. she just doesn't want to see kristy or myself sad. she's very surprising. she knows a lot. and she just doesn't let on about it. >> what a beautiful smile. >> by the way, i made a mistake. her father served in iraq, not in vietnam. >> in iraq. >> and, george, in is not hereditary. this is a mutant gene. they don't know where it comes from.
8:11 am
there's now a doctor, there's scientists that are working. and these children are taking pills so that they can, perhaps, arrest the disease. >> slow it down. >> slow it down. but not cure it. and we have a 13-year-old also, who you will meet, who is beyond the age supposedly where she can live and still is. >> that's right. most of the kids that get this die right around 13. >> well, because they die of the fi kinds of things you would die of if you were very old. they die of stroke. they die of heart disease. they die of the kinds of diseases that very old people would have. and yet, they're still children, with the minds of children. and they've got a normal, in most cases, to normal schools. so, the fact that this is such a rare disease. but what got me the most was the love of the parents. >> the love of the parents. and the spirit of that little girl. >> yeah. >> barbara, thanks a lot. >> i hope they watch tonight.
8:12 am
>> you can see pit "7 going on 70" is the name of barbara's special. a special edition of "20/20" tonight at 10:00 eastern. when we come back, bono and the edge join us live. they talk about their new musical on broadway. it is "spider-man." there they are. you're wishing for a deliciously, nutritious fiber cereal. i am. well, you don't want that one. new kellogg's fiber plus cereal®. the delicious taste of berries, plus yogurty clusters, plus 40% of your daily fiber... plus wait for it... antioxidants! so, two more wishes. mmmm. maybe later, then. [ female announcer ] new kellogg's fiber plus cereal®. positively delicious. [ male announcer ] with its 43 safety features, like the parkview rear back-up camera... hi, sweetie. there you are. [ male announcer ] ...electronic vehicle information center,
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8:16 am
our spidey senses are tingling this morning as we get ready for one of the most talked-about shows on broadway. it's called "spider-man: turn off the dark." and it's bringing serious megawatt talent to the great white way. writer/director julie taymor is here now. and bono and the edge are joining us from nice, france.
8:17 am
they are on tour. bono, let me start with you. you had that accident this summer. how are you feeling? >> i'm lucky to be walking, let alone running around on a stage, or dancing might be stretching it a bit. yeah. german doctors really did me a great service. i'm rebuilt by better design, as they say. >> bionic man now? >> yeah. yeah. i was very lucky. very lucky. i can't believe i'm back. only 12 weeks after surgery, i was on stage. it was a pain in the -- it was literally a pain. >> edge, i was talking to julie before we went on camera here. and she said this has been a long time coming, this whole project. whose idea was it to make "spider-man" into a musical? >> this visionary man, tony adams, who was a producer.
8:18 am
he left ireland and made his fortune in hollywood. he came into our office one day with this hunch that maybe we might be interested in doing something on broadway. and he arrives and shows paul mcginness this concept to do "spider-man." he didn't know that bono and i had been talking about doing something on broadway for a long time. the first thing we said to tony was, if you could get julie taymor, we would be very interested. >> is that true? >> unfortunately -- tragically -- >> you're blushing. >> it is absolutely true. but tony unfortunately passed away before he got to see this thing come into fruition. >> actually, on the day that we were signing the deal to do it, tony passed away in edge's apartment, sadly. and left a lot of turmoil behind, in terms of the production and stuff. but that's been put right. and to honor him and his family, this is all -- we're
8:19 am
absolutely -- we weren't going to let up. and we pushed on. and we're very, very proud of what we've got here. >> julie is nodding her head here and smiling. did you ever imagine you would work with these guys? >> no. but i have actually worked with bono before. but during this time, the past seven years, he was across the universe, played dr. roberts and sang "lucy in the sky." it's been a ball with these guys. >> we know julie was the key to it. what about the comic, bono? were you "spider-man" fans as kids? >> there's a big thing in rock 'n' roll and punk rock and kind of comics. it's gone back a while. but we're interested in it because it's a quintessential new york story. and we're all wannabe new yorkers. it's -- it's not so serious. but post-9/11, this idea of
8:20 am
everyone being capable of being a hero kind of caught our imaginations. we didn't want to go about it in an earnest way. it's a mythological character, peter parker. >> and everything to do with new york, this is going to be big. huge budgets. give us an idea of what we're going to see as you transform this into a musical. >> what we wanted to do, which is important in theater, is to make it very physical. what we tried to do is pop-up sets. this is just in the beginning. we're in tech rehearsals. you're going to see the buildings come arrive. there's a giant spider-man over here. here's a picture of the brooklyn bridge, with three of our techies on top of the brooklyn bridge. and with eiko ishioka, we have
8:21 am
the costumes. we have the green goblin. this is one of the designs. patrick page, a very physical performance. and, of course, peter -- it's a love story. and peter has to move between trying to make his life, go to school, earn a living, be a reporter, be in love with the girl next door. but then, he has to combat these villains. we have many supervillains. this is one of our invented ones. we call her swiss miss because she's made of all swiss army knives and cuts new york to pieces. and so, this is one of our major dancers. a lot of dance. >> it's got to be hard to dance in that. >> it is. but we've done it. these are shot in blue because we're going to create these cyber worlds. so, in the theater, we have flying over the audience. we have incredible dance.
8:22 am
but at its heart is a really, i think, profound and moving love story. and a challenge. i always joke that it's bono. i know he probably hates this. but how do you save the world and have a normal life? how do you pull those two things together? >> his life isn't all that normal. >> it's not normal. but peter parker's life is not normal. he tries to be. he's a regular geeky guy. although, reeve is pretty hot. he's great. >> what everyone said in our meeting yesterday. >> he's like the original peter parker. he's skinny and lanky. he's different from the movie, which is good for us. we want to do something of our own. he's a real singer. i worked with him on "the tempest" as an actor and a singer. >> and, guys, you helped pick him, right? >> one of the great things about the casting is we get reeve as an amazing singer. but we also have his band. we have the sound of a real, authentic rock 'n' roll band at the show.
8:23 am
>> is u2 sound? >> it swerves all over the road, george. that's the fun of it a u2 perspective. you have big rock 'n' roll tunes. mellow drama. big melodies. orchestral stuff, too. it's actually harder to write songs about yourself than it is to write about other people. i think. >> well, it looks like so much fun. we can't wait to hear a song. get to it our next half hour. it looks so spectacular. julie taymor, thanks so much. bono and edge, enjoy the rest of the tour. can't wait until you see when you get back to the states. >> come and see us. >> ticket sales start this sunday. and coming up, we'll have a first look at one of the songs. there they are right over in the hudson theater. bee-utiful!
8:24 am
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8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good friday morning. i am cynne simpson. 8:27. traffic and weather. >> there was a crash on the pentagon, -- near the pentagon, northbound 395. lanes are available to the 14th street bridge. southbound 95, the right side looks beautiful from the beltway to clinton to get to newbridge.
8:28 am
270 southbound, at montgomery village avenue, there's a new record for 370. the crashes in the center of the roadway. adam caskey next in the weather center. 62 degrees in washington. in the 50's in some outlying areas. a few scattered clouds in the distance. another day of sunshine. sixty in sterling and rockville and huntingtown and warrenton. a lot of sunshine. a few scattered clouds this afternoon. highs in the upper 70's. not as gusty as the past couple days. tomorrow will be sunny, near 80 degrees. saturday night through the first half of sunday, scattered
8:29 am
showers expected. >> 8:28. friends of two college students hurt in a drunk driving crash are hoping they will recover. it was wednesday night at 18th street and florida avenue and adams morgan. an austrian student is in grave condition, named julie. and melissa of france is in critical condition. another update at 8:56. continue as a local news coverage on tbd news on news channel 8.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ oh, oh oh, oh ♪ [ cheers and applause ] yes. a little taste of what's coming up this half hour from "spider-man: turn off the dark." it is going to be the hottest
8:31 am
show on broadway this fall. songs by bono and the edge. choreography by julie taymor. look how excited it's gotten this crowd. >> nice crowd. the little i love "gma" shirt. isn't that adorable. now, she's being shy. >> how cute. i'm george stephanopoulos. along with juju chang. robin has headed out for tonight's stand up to cancer event. >> absolutely. speaking of standing up to cancer, you know eric stonestreet. he plays cameron in "modern family." we love him. he's going to make an appearance on "stand up to cancer." he has a special reason to join the all-star event. plus, this weekend means bargain-hunting. that means becky worley is back. she's found deals from smartphones to big-screen tvs. we'll have that, as well. sam, you have something very special right now. >> oh. i'm sorry. hi. we're already talking to the
8:32 am
audience. let me show you the i love peter parker shirts. this is what i'm talking about. we're talking about reeve carney. and we're not giving anything away. peter parker is spider-man. >> yes. >> how does this happen? you're playing with your band. and someone walks up to you and says, we want you to be -- >> this is crazy. i did work with julie first. and our work on that led into this, i guess. >> you're singing. and someone says this is it for you. and you bring the band with you. and now, all of a sudden, you're doing one of the biggest -- this is one of the greatest anticipated shows on broadway ever. >> it's pretty exciting for me, too, yeah. >> now, i've got to ask costumes. the big deal in the movie has been all the different costumes. have you put one on yet? what is it like to be in it? >> i've had five four-hour-long costume fittings. something along those lines. we're well on our way to getting the costume exactly right.
8:33 am
>> now, you're going to be on stage, doing a lot of acting. they were talking about you earlier. glowing things about your singing and acting. this is physical? what are the stunts you have to do? >> i do a lot of stunts, actually. it's kind of exciting. i did them as a kid. as a lot of young boys do. so, it's fun to be able to use that, as well. >> all right, now. and those shirts are all about you going to be all over new york. has this kind of like sunk in yet? >> not really. maybe it is right now, actually. >> and later this morning, you guys are actually, we're going to get a chance to hear the song. tell me a little bit about the song you're going to sing. >> it's a beautiful song from the show. it's obviously written by bono and the edge. i don't know what to say except -- i guess it's better to just play it. >> all right. we'll do that a little bit later. in that song, do you discover anything? do you tell anything about the
8:34 am
show? >> i don't know. i'm not sure what i'm allowed to say. it's -- i think the lyrics will be self-explanatory to some degree. at this point, it's like a story. it's when he's getting his powers back after forsaking them, i guess. it's a big struggle being spider-man and peter parker. >> and being you, now. you're all that. we'll have that a little later on in the show. thank you very much, reeve, for being with us. in case you're walking out the door, one thing we want to tell you. a quick look at the weekend map. spider-man style. >> off to a beautiful friday, around 60 degrees. upper 70's expected with sunshine and a few scattered clouds. same store tomorrow.
8:35 am
all that weather was brought to you by the amazon kindle. robin? you know how much we love the entire cast from "modern family." eric stonestreet is one of our faves, too. he joins us this morning to talk about raising funds for cancer research in the "stand up to cancer" broadcast. and, of course, we're going to talk about your big emmy win. eric, you guys, it was a sweep. it was so exciting. congratulations. >> oh, thank you very much. we were so, so happy to get that comedy award. >> it was touching when, at the emmys, you got up there on stage and what you said with your mom there in the audience. i want to play that again for everyone. >> my mom is sitting right there. i would not be here without my parents. i'm the product of supportive parents. and i love you, mom. i love you, dad. you're watching at home right now. this is going home with you so you can wake up every day and go to bed every night and see what
8:36 am
you made possible for myself. thank you very much. thank you. the plan is, at christmas, i'm going to go home for the holidays. and the emmy's going to go with me and have a permanent place on their mantle, so they can do that. every morning and every night, just see -- i get emotional thinking about it. they've been really good. they've been really good people to me. so, they're my friends, as well as my parents. >> very important to you and to many of us. "stand up to cancer." i know, my friend, this hits very close to home for you, doesn't it? >> well, you know, as it does with so many people. that's a call that no one ever wants to get. the call i got from my mom, saying, you know, that she'd tested positive for cancer. 1,500 people a day die every day in this country because of cancer. but the good news is, the absolute good news is there are people smarter than me, which is really good news, out there working really, really, really,
8:37 am
really hard to stand up and to fight this disease with a lot of force. >> and one of those people, dr. slayman. you had a chance to talk to him. and i'm going to play part of your conversation. >> the disease is prevalent. one in two men and one in three women will form malignancy. that's a scary statistic. >> scary. >> but it's because we're living longer. cancer is an emerging problem. there's a lot of people working on it. i think there's a lot of exciting things about to happen. >> awesome. call me if i can do any research. >> thanks for your help. >> i love that. that's the beauty of "stand up to cancer" or one of the many beauties of it. it teams up the doctors with the researchers and they get them in a room and say, go nuts. they think outside of the box. after the talk with the doctor, are you hopeful now, eric?
8:38 am
>> absolutely. i asked him this question, when i drive to work, i think about what my day's work is. what are my lines? and i think what do you think on your way home from work? and his answer blew me away. a cure. i any about all the different things that we haven't tried and that are on the horizon that are going to happen because people sitting in a room getting diagnosed with cancer and leaving the doctor's office need to know that survival rates are up. and there is hope. and you're not alone. and there are people working really, really, really hard to find a cure for this awful disease. >> well, i don't think i could have said it any better. it's going to be a star-studded affair. going to be there, too, for "stand up to cancer." 1 of the 12 million proud survivors. i know that's what the show is dedicated, too. >> absolutely. robin, this was my first via satellite.
8:39 am
>> ooh. you did really well. no delay or anything. you're a pro, i'll tell you. ladies and gentlemen, eric ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
8:40 am
[car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
8:41 am
8:42 am
well, the labor day sales may be over. but for america's consumers, there's still great deals to be had. and our sales sleuth, becky worley, has found the best deals on clothes, furniture, electronics and more, and where you can get them. hey, becky. joining us from oakland, via skype. how are you? >> good morning, juju. >> i'm in a little denial about summer being over. these are not end-of-season sales. they're shoulder sales. what does that mean and what did you find? >> i'll start with apparel. the real guts of the shoulder season. we'll start with the stuff that's a good staple. from old navy, they have
8:43 am
leggings. women, $6. girls $4. these are things you can never have enough of. and from cabela's, the outdoor retailer. they have workboots, steel-toe, reinforced. they're on sale for $89. you see a lot of post-labor day apparel sales coming out this weekend. >> that's good. back-to-school, you can get leggings for dirt-cheap. tell me about the shoulder season sale, though. this is something that's only available during this interseason time? >> yeah. between the seasons. and also, especially, as you go into fall and spring. you see a lot of the summer merchandise will be discounted. a good example is at kmart. they have a seven-piece outdoor patio dining set. it was 700 bucks. it's $209. this is an clearance. limited supply. they had a lot of deals, $300, $400 on outdoor stuff. another sale on shoulder season,
8:44 am
it's about 50 days until halloween. so, costumes, you have to get three, right? >> three boys. >> okay. i think i have something. >> what have you got? >> we have a slice of pizza costume. from kmart. this is $17. $17.50-ish. that's slightly classier than the whoopee cushion. >> as classy as my family is, that might go over well. >> and cute, cute, the little, green dragon. that's just $13.99. to get those off of your list early and save, now is the time to save on halloween costumes. they won't be discounted later. >> although i love shopping and saving on clothes, you found electronic items, right? >> yeah. let's start with the verizon droid x. it normally sells for $200. it's 4.3 inches.
8:45 am
8 megapixel camera. normally 200 bucks. with the coupon on our website, you can get it for $149. the big deals are from amazon wireless. the blackberry torch. we debuted this on "gma." you had it in your hands a month ago or so. in is marked down from $200 to $99. it's an at&t phone, if you get it at amazon wireless. they have the brand-new android phone, the samsung fascinate, a verizon phone. and my last deal, a tv. this is from it's a 50-inch plasma. normally retails for 769 bucks. we got it for $630. and you need a code. go to i rushed through that to wish you the best of luck on your triathlon this weekend.
8:46 am
>> i feel rested and ready. maybe i can fit into these leggings after all. >> you'll do great. >> becky, thank you. thanks for all that advice. now, we'll start shopping. go to and find all the information on how to cash in on becky's great finds. coming up nekts, a live performance. for the first time, the most-anticipated musical of the season, "spider-man. "stay with us.
8:47 am
8:48 am
tickets go on sale this sunday for one of the most exciting broadway debuts ever. "spider-man: turn off the dark." we're going to go right now to the men who wrote the score, bono and the edge, to introduce the star. >> this is, like, the old man giving the keys to the new convertible, to the young kid.
8:49 am
and knowing he's probably going to drive a lot faster than i would. but hoping he gets home safe. it's quite a moment. >> yeah, it is. it's a big moment. this is the debut performance of a song from "spider-man: turn off the dark." performed by our spider-man, reeve carney. this is "boy falls from the sky." ♪ it can change your mind but you cannot change your heart ♪ ♪ it's a compass and a map the key to the jar ♪ ♪ i'd be myself if i knew i'd become ♪
8:50 am
♪ you can fly too high and get too close to the sun ♪ ♪ see how the boy falls from the sky ♪ ♪ not every wandering is lost or far from home ♪ ♪ i didn't have to move so far to find myself alone ♪ ♪ save, save yourself can even get that prize ♪ ♪ i'm used to losing
8:51 am
fly across the sky ♪ ♪ and now that i into the heart tonight ♪ ♪ as the boy falls from the sky ♪ ♪ oh ♪ oh ♪ the city it does a symphony ♪ ♪ the search so trashed
8:52 am
a simple stab of dignity ♪ ♪ in the junk yard of humanity ♪ ♪ did you hear a performance inside your head ♪ ♪ listen now to move ahead you know exactly what to do ♪ ♪ for you and me and me and you ♪ ♪ give your mind and what it does ♪ ♪ and to become oh ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
everybody i talk to who's seen our tv
8:54 am
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8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] and we are back with julie taymor and reeve carney. i think you've done it again. but i have to ask you. are you ready for all this? are you ready to become a superstar? >> is that what's going to happen? >> i think so. >> i don't know. i'm excited to do the work. >> you have everybody here very excited today. thanks for kicking off our weekend. tickets go on sale for "spider-man" this sunday. we hope you have a great weekend. take care.
8:57 am
live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side -- this is an abc 7 news update. >> 8:56. your local update with cynne simpson. first, lisa baden. >> if there have been a couple issues. let's go to a couple of cameras to get a feel of the pace of traffic, southbound 270, there was a crash at father hurley boulevard and another one at 370. they will be out of the roadway by the time you get there. 66 at glebe road. leaving the roosevelt bridge toward falls church. vehicle on theed other side of the roosevelt bridge.
8:58 am
beautiful weather today. a lot of sunshine. a few patchy clouds. constable and pleasant. 62 in laurel at this time. dew points in the upper 40's. dry, comfortable air. you like september. on the way to the upper 70's, mostly sunny, a few scattered clouds. tomorrow, near 80 degrees with sunshine. saturday night through the first half of sunday we expect scattered showers. maybe a quarter inch up to a half-inch of accumulation. metro passengers should expect delays on the midline, blue, yellow, and green lines. there are problem areas between shady grove and twinbrook and other spots. between shady grove and twinbrook and other spots. thanks for watching.
8:59 am
♪ home is where i want to be. ♪ the only place that feels like me. ♪ ♪ the world outside just melts away ♪ ♪ relax, unwind, wrap up the day. ♪ ♪ where i spend the night and start the day. ♪

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